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International filming

We offer comprehensive video production services; From full scale location filming, to smaller shoots – we can offer a video production package that suits your specific requirements, and your budget. We are happy to film anywhere the production requires, we have produced video content all over Europe, and internationally – we have filmed on 5 continents.

Utilising up to date camera recording equipment, our talented camera operators have a good habit of recording beautiful and memorable video.

Studio Shoots

Studio film shoots are ideal for dramatized videos, reconstructions, and for green screen shoots – where a graphics background is required. Whether you are looking to film a small, medium, or large scale studio shoot, we can offer ample pre-production time, a crew to fit the scale of your project, and a dedicated visual effects supervisor.

We will happily take care of the entire production process for you, alternatively we can shoot the material and let you complete the edit. Also we are happy to edit video material that you have previously shot yourself. As well as editing your material, we are excellent at colour grading, adding visual effects, titles, producing music for your video, adding stock audio, stock images, and can also create an animated film for you.


The story is made in the edit. Our editors are fast, creative, and passionate to produce an end product that tells the story in an engaging, stimulating and entertaining way.

Proficient in working on all industry editing platforms, our editors utilise the best software for any given project.

Colour Grading

DaVinci Resolve gives me the tools to produce first class colour correction
And allows me to stylise and enhance any video format.
Jason Rayment, Colourist
I colour grade with Adobe Premiere, Avid, and Final Cut Pro
They allow for quick results, seamless integration, and flexibility when last minute changes are requested.
Matt Batory, Editor
No two projects are ever the same, this requires both our creativity and problem solving skills.
Andrew Carolan, Producer
Placing the best creative staff, alongside managing the client’s expectations, are key to our success.
Andrzej Berg, Production Manager

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International filming

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