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Creative Video Production

We are an international group of highly skilled and experienced creatives and technicians, we offer creative video production. Whether you need a TV commercial, an online video, a brand film, or a conference filmed – we are happy to help.

Meet The Team

Our team are unique and original storytellers – with expertise in social media and ROI online analytics.

Andrew Carolan | Producer

Andrew works hands on – in producing, directing, and editing. In his spare time Andrew likes to travel, snowboard, kite surf, and play the guitar.

Edyta Rutyna | Client Manager

Edyta is super organised, friendly, and client responsive. In her spare time Edyta likes to read inspirational books, cycle, and salsa dance.

Andrzej Berg | Production Manager

Andrzej works on maintaining high quality work, and ensuring that each production is completed on time and on budget. In his spare time Andrzej likes to do archery, and walk his dog called donut.

Jason Rayment | Visual effects

Jason has a background in feature films and advertising – as a visual effects supervisor and colourist. In his spare time Jason likes to travel with his family, and go to the theatre.

Matt Batory | Editor

Matt comes from a television and TV commercials background, and is happy editing on any platform. In his spare time Matt likes to go to rock concerts, and is a keen photographer.

Dawid Nowak | Cinematographer

Graduating from Poland’s prestigious Łódź Film School, Dawid’s background is filming TV commercials. In his spare time Dawid likes to play the piano, and run marathons.

Our Work

Every production has to start somewhere – our creatives or our client’s creatives have thought up an earth shaking idea!

The next step, the initial idea needs exposure and discussion, from there the concept is translated into a script, then onto a storyboard – which will then form the basis of the video production.


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